About Canuckcoin

A digital currency to meet a digital future. Canuckcoin is a highly Canadianized/Themed Cryptocurrency and a Litecoin fork.

Cryptocurrencies are powerful tools that have not yet had their true value realized. To many they can seem like a speculative new market and volatile. They are however, a solution to many issues we have with our current systems.

Canuckcoin is a Canadianized/Themed cryptocurrency. It's a Litecoin fork and follows the same philosophy to prioritize transaction speed.

Everyone can Participate

You don't have to sign up an account, be approved, or hand over your personal information. There is no central authority and transactions are handled by the network at large.

Canuckcoin Logo Your Money, Your Control

  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Personal Information is not Chained to Transactions
  • Security - No Trust Required
  • Send Funds to Anyone, Anywhere

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Open and Transparent

The project is open source. It is there for anyone to view, modify, and use as they see fit.

The Blockchain is a public ledger open to all. All transactions are open and visible to the network.

There is no gatekeeper or pay-wall. No monthly account fees. No individual or corporation deciding what you can or can't spend.

Special Thanks to

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Core Developers

Litecoin and Litecoin Core Developers

Jon Simpson

Oconnor Williamson

Russ Jones

Tim Miller

Chase Miller

Candice West

Everyone already participating, running a wallet, and/or mining

Canada <3 - The True North